From 2014 the programme have achieved 6 Gold, 8 Silver & 10 Bronze Medals from Major Tournaments such as AIBA World Championships, European Championships, Commonwealth Games & Olympic Games.

This has been a lot of hard work and dedication from the boxers and coaches. Below is the medallist that have been included. We also feel this illustrates the growth and development of the programme.

Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

Gold – Paddy Barnes (49kg) & Michael Conlan (56kg)

Sliver – Joe Fitzpatrick (60kg) & Michaela Walsh (W51kg)

Bronze – Sean Duffy (64kg), Steven Donnelly (69kg), Connor Coyle (75kg), Sean McGlinchy (81kg) & Alanna Murphy (W60kg)

AIBA Men’s World Championships 2015

Gold – Michael Conlan (56kg)

EUBC Championships 2015

Gold – Michael Conlan (56kg)

Rio Olympic Games 2016

Paddy Barnes (49kg), Brendan Irvine (52kg), Michael Conlan (56kg) & Steven Donnelly (69kg)

EUBC Championships 2017

Gold – Michaela Walsh (W57kg)

Bronze – Brendan Irvine (52kg) & Kurt Walker (57kg)

Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018

Silver – Kristina O’Hara (W49kg), Carly McNaul (W51kg), Brendan Irivine (52kg), Kurt Walker (57kg), Michaela Walsh (W57kg), Aidan Walsh (69kg)

Bronze – James McGivern (60kg) & Steven Donnelly (75kg)

EUBC Championships 2018

Gold – Kurt Walk (57kg)

Bronze – Michaela Walsh (W57kg)


There has also been a number of youth accomplishments which includes Youth Commonwealth Games, Youth European Championships and Youth Olympics.