The IABA – Clubmark scheme is a Club Accreditation Scheme which is unique to amateur boxing. Based on Sport NI criteria but developed specifically for boxing the scheme indicates that a boxing club meets quality standards in 5 key areas;

  • Effective Club Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Quality Coaching & Competition
  • Creating a Safe Environment
  • Safeguarding Members

Why Boxing Clubs?

The scheme encourages clubs to aim for excellence and will assist the development of your club and community. Some of the potential benefits include;

  • Promotion and recognition of your club as being a ‘quality’ club
  • Positive perception of club among parents, participants and potential members
  • Improved opportunities to create links with schools, community groups, etc
  • Increased membership
  • Increased funding opportunities and volunteers
  • Better understanding of your clubs development needs


  1. Please register at
  2. Your submission will be passed to the IABA office following approval by SportNI.
  3. Templates will be made available to the club to assist them in putting best practice in place. This will include a portfolio which the Club has to complete and return to the Ulster Club Development Officer for assessment.
  4. The Ulster Club Development officer will offer support to club to complete portfolio
  5. The club will upload their portfolio to the Clubmark Website
  6. Following submission the Club Development Officer will arrange an assessment visit with the club
  7. Upon successful completion of all criteria the club will receive a certificate and banner to promote their status plus their achievement promoted on the Ulster Boxing & Sport NI website.
  8. Clubmark status is awarded to a club for a maximum 3 year period. However, clubs will be required to submit annual health check to ensure they are maintaining their high standards.

For more information on how to register your club for Clubmark please contact Paddy Barnes on or call 028 9038 3244.