All volunteers within our boxing clubs who have regular unsupervised access to children and young people or vulnerable adults are required to be vetted either through AccessNI or the Garda Siochana.

Your club has the responsibility as the employer to ensure that you do not allow any volunteer to have unsupervised access to children and young people or vulnerable adults within your club until their checks have been received, this includes those coaches/volunteers needing rechecked and are out of date. Please note also that no coach will be permitted to carry out corner duties until such times as the Access NI / Gardai Vetting process has been completed in its entirety.


The IABA – Ulster Branch is the approved Registered Body for conducting Access NI checks within Northern Ireland for IABA affiliated clubs.

The following process is to be completed by anyone who lives in Northern Ireland and any volunteer that lives in the south but coaches or volunteers in a club the North.

Note there are 2 stages to the AccessNI Process:

Stage 1: Complete Online AccessNI Application:

  1. Select the green button to create a nidirect account and apply for an enhanced check, if you already have an indirect account you can use this rather than creating a new one.
  2. Register your account by creating a user ID and password [keep these details safe as you will need them to track the progress of your case]. Note you will have to verify the account via your email.
  3. Once you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to the on-line application
  4. Enter one of the PIN numbers highlighted at Step 1 of the form completion; 309380 if submitting to Nicky Flanagan, 971556 if submitting to Sean O’Hare, 959703 if submitting to Liam Corr.
  5. Ensure that you complete Page 3 Organisation Reference – Insert your club name
  6. Complete the remainder of the e-application and click on confirm and proceed to finish the on-line process.

Stage 2: Completion of Pin Notification and ID Verification Form 

Following completion of online application, the Pin Notification and ID Validation form must be completed – see button below.

  • The ID form must be printed and completed by hand.
  • Then either photographed or scanned to along with
    • 3 copies of ID. 1. photo ID (passport), 2. birth certificate OR driving licence AND a 3. bank statement or utility bill (dated within the last 3 months) There are more accepted types on ID on page 2 of the ID form
  • Once received and verified a video call via Whatsapp or Zoom with the applicant will take place to review the documentation.
  • Upon completion of this stage the online application will be processed by the IABA.

Alternatively, take all of the above to your Club Secretary or Child Safeguarding Officer to sign off the documents and then email all 4 documents to to complete the process.

Disclosures / Traces

As the AccessNI check conducted is an Enhanced check, then a disclosure or trace may recorded on your certificate, for whatever reason. This can include things like motor related offences that happened 20 years ago.

The IABA Ulster Branch will request to see your disclosure certificate, which needs to be produced by the applicant within 2 weeks of request to the IABA Ulster Branch. We are requesting this as AccessNI no longer provide a copies of disclosures to us. Regardless of the content of the disclosure we are required to see this to complete your vetting process.

Failure to forward a copy of your certificate or present it to a relevant staff member could mean that you are not allowed to take up a volunteer position or removed from a position within your club.

Your certificate will be treated as strictly confidential and only those involved in the decision-making process will be able to view your certificate.

You will then be informed once a decision has been reached and any copies of your certificate record will be shredded or deleted if emailed.

Garda Siochana Vetting

For volunteers and coaches who live in the Republic of Ireland and either coach/volunteer in the North and the South.

For the full details on this process please refer to the buttons below for all of the documentation.